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Ray Ban Aviator
Price: € 189.00
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The RAY-BAN RB3025 AVIATOR sunglasses are designed for use by both gentlemen and ladies. This is an emblematic model of the brand, which was commissioned in the 1930s by the United States Army Baush & Lomb company, to develop a device to protect the vision of pilots whose vision was exposed to extreme conditions due To the great height and the brightness of the sun. This project would replace the visors and protections of the pilots, which were very uncomfortable and ineffective. This way the AVIATOR style is born, the aviator style Ray Ban glasses that will become a symbol of the Ray Ban brand, thanks to its use during World War II by some high command of the army, as an example, we can name the general Douglas MacArthur who turned these sunglasses into an identifying and personal seal.

The Aviator-style Ray Ban is a timeless model that combines an aviator style with quality, comfort and exceptional performance. The Ray-Ban Aviator Classic, which are currently one of the most well-known sunglasses in the world, were originally designed in 1937 for US aviators.

This model has been used by great stars of music and show business. In this way, the Ray Ban Aviator is an emblematic symbol of the success and ability of human triumph. They are the glasses of the winners.

The Ray Ban Aviator RB3025 is characterized by its very thin metal rods, which allow you to enlarge the peripheral vision, its large teardrop-shaped lenses and obscured at 75% guarantee a high vision protection as well as perfect visibility. A double bridge guarantees the stability of the model, while giving it an unmistakable aesthetic. The adjustable platelets allow a perfect adaptation to the face.