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Michael Kors Wonderlust
€ 55.00

Wonderlust , an exquisite fragrance for women where we find the freshness of Italian bergamot and tendador and spicy aroma of pink pepper softened by the gourmand scent and sweet almond milk that follows along the fragrance for a modern expresicón of intimacy and wonder.

At its heart are bathed in bright light floral, bloom from a captivadora firm is deepened sensually provocative with the spicy aroma of carnations combined with silky vanilla and heliotrope aroma. Beautiful flowers in red tones, garnets and roses that bloom atop mounds of green and blue leaves. Anyone who has inhaled the spicy aroma of carnations will know their intoxicating scent and emotional quality.

WONDER LUST of MICHAEL KORS has an exotic and creamy finish of sandalwood and benzoin siam sri lanka, cashmere wood and lustful completing the intoxicating aroma of this eau de parfum .